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Music, Lyrics and Artwork by POLY
Produced and Mastering by DON ROGALL
Bass (track 2,3,7) by MONOJO


The charming compositions of Berlin based artist POLY show up like a smile in the sun.

Colorful splashes of sound with POLY's heartwarming and enchanting voice that tells stories in its own honesty, in its own lightness. As in the summer of our lives.

We have found the treasure at the end of the rainbow and that is love.

You can call this sound futureparkcity pop or just supercatchy poetic songs with fascinating instrumental transitions and dazzling luminosity. This sparkle from the POLYMUSICWORLD treasure chest shines straight into your heart.

The collaboration with the legendary producer DON ROGALL has been a flow since POLY and he met. Transforming POLY's unique, touching pop music poems to the finest level of electronic music. This is where two free spirits and fine minds have met. When DON ROGALL first heard the songs, his association was that they sounded like Action Paintings. WOW!
Park of heart, Love in the city and Action Painting are additionally enriched by the groovy bass of MONOJO, which skillfully transforms into the electronic universe.

From the first note, the catchy melodies will take you on this summer journey, an urban lifestyle and that too with a good touch of romance. You just want to follow these intuitive impulses. The sky changes its colors to pink, blue and yellow. Then you will immediately jump into it, into this bubbly, plush happiness.

We've never been so happy to be a part of this planet.



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